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The Great Gatsby - Movie Review

The Great Gatsby, the name itself is intriguing. Twice I have fallen into the enchanting world created by Fitzgerald. Twice I have been captured by its beautiful language and story. However, I was deeply disappointed with the movie depictions of the book that have been made up to now. A story with so much dynamic potential lost its charm once it moved from the solid pages of its book. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Therefore, when I found out about a new attempt, I was intrigued. Yes, the advertising made it great, but would it live up to its name?

Despite the fact that I was excited, I was also skeptical. The primary source of my doubt lay in abilities of Leonardo DiCaprio. To all his fans, I apologize. No, I do not like the acting of DiCaprio; however, I was pleasantly surprised. He encompassed the character of Gatsby ideally. That naïve, almost childish character was well blended with the character of materialism and consumption. Gatsby was not the only well-depicted character. My personally favorite character, Jordan, along with Nick, Daisy, and Tom was illustrated to perfection. Every detail in the book was taken into consideration. Even secondary characters were 3-D versions of those described in the book, the man with the owl glasses, Myrtle, and don’t even get me started on Klipspringer. The voices, the manners, the language, all were the third dimension to Fitzgerald’s novel.

Here I come to the music. I don’t know where to begin. In most films, the music is meant to be an emphasis to the plot and picture; here it was one of the main parts. The music wasn’t chosen to match the movie scenes, it was chosen as a part of the movie scene just as the costumes and set were chosen. It added that extra dimension to the film that made it more than a work of art, but reality. The compilation of modern styles of music with the classical jazz of the time truly showed the extravagance and fashion of the time period. I don’t endorse the song choice necessarily, but I do approve of it as a necessary part of the film, just as necessary as the costumes and set, in fact.

Now I come to my last and favorite part: the visual of the film. Being more of an artist than anything else, I judge the movie by its visual appeal first and foremost, and Gatsby fulfilled my every wish. The costumes were just as scandalous as they are depicted, even if they are not historically accurate. Same goes for Gatsby’s parties and the overall extravagance of the time. It was a beautiful picture in every sense of the word creating that perfect vision of the wealthy during the 20s. The life of the rich was beautiful, the life of the poor was beastly, and there was a perfect lack of in between. The artists had done their job exceptionally well when creating the set and costumes, not only making it beautiful to look at, but also drawing the correct tone and emotion from the audience.

I could write forever about this film it seems. But to whomever is reading this: I do not wish for you to lose interest. Therefore, go watch this movie. Now. You might dislike the actors, the director, the story, but this is truly a worthy work of art. Same as Van Gogh’s Starry Night, it might not be liked by everyone, but no one can deny its brilliance.

  • 12 May 2013
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